It’s time to recapture your mane desire with the Cesare Ragazzi hair replacement system, CNC


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Hair loss is a huge annoyance for men and women alike in the UAE. But there is answer to this woe! The Cesare Ragazzi hair replacement system, CNC, a ground-breaking hair thickening system that is taking the world by storm, is EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE in Dubai at Pastels Salon.

What exactly is CNC?
The CNC is a medical grade, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal prosthesis, which replicates the look of your own natural hair and scalp and blends seamlessly with your existing hair. Together with the help of several prestigious universities, Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories developed this remarkable hair replacement system. This highly effective, non-invasive approach to hair replacement integrates with hair to resolve complete or partial hair loss. Perfect for anyone with thin hair or who experiences hair loss for whatever reason, the CNC is the gold standard in hair replacement. Designed for permanent wear, this incredible hair replacement system maintains its beauty however active your lifestyle is! It is not like the fit of a wig or traditional hair piece, instead it lays flush to the head like a second skin, with the ability of allowing heat to pass through it, as thanks to cutting-edge technology it adapts to the wearer’s body temperature.

How it is created?
The in-salon expert takes exact measurements of your scalp and also matches your exact scalp colour, hair colour, hairline, and hair pattern. All of this information is sent to the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in Italy. Then, in the lab, a pain-staking 39-step process takes place including the use of3D printing technology that reads the measurements and mould taken of your head to produce a 3D form of your head exactly, which your bespoke prosthetic is created upon to ensure a precise fit. The polymer is also matched to the exact colour of your scalp.
Finally, artisans also hand-inject virgin, non-processed human hair into the base to match it to your colour and texture perfectly. The hair is hand injected into the prosthetic which allows the hair direction and inclination of the head to be taken into consideration for a natural flowing head of hair.
Your bespoke system is then sent to your CNC salon where the in-salon expert fits it. It can stay attached 3-5weeks, during which you can resume everyday activities, showering with it , sleeping in it and even any sport activities you may participate in, basically living your life without thinking about it!

How much does it cost?

The pricing is determined by the measurement of the coverage area needed and the length of hair, everyone varies because everyone has a different size and length.

For further information on CNC, check out these videos!

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